Highly trained and educated people work to serve your order
Our Digitization conversion service is fast, safe, and of the very highest quality. Our highly trained technicians process each of your tapes from beginning to end, giving them their full attention and making sure that everything is perfectly preserved in all of its original glory. Every birthday party, holiday get together, wedding reception – keep them all with you with the power of our Digitization service.

We have innovative and future proof methods
We don’t just stop at converting your tapes to digital because your content is not fully future proof yet, in a few years hard disks and storage devices (they are susceptible to failure and physical damage) will become obsolete and all your data will be on the cloud (A private secure hard disk on the internet protected by physical security key with enterprise level backups) and best of all this doesn’t cost a big deal to you personally.

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Why digitize old analog cassette tapes and photos?
The VHS/Hi8/Video8/MiniDV or Audio tapes are not just outdated, but are also becoming unplayable. Nowadays it’s rare to find a working Audio/Video Cassette Players in most homes and even more rare to find one at the local video store especially in India. VHS cassettes aren’t just obsolete however. VHS tapes are easy to break and wear out, and many of them only last about 10-20 years. Durable, high quality Pen/Hard drives, digital delivery through Cloud don’t have those problems. They’re easy to store and safer than cassettes.

You can read about our strict safety and quality standards pertaining to handling your cassettes and also  while converting can be read here.

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