This is the complete list of services offered by us, the list may change and Terms and Conditions  apply. Billing codes are included.

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Video cassette tape conversion to Digital

C01 VHS Cassette Tape Conversion (PAL Format)
Hourly charge
C02 VCR VHS cassette tape conversion (NTSC Format)
charged per cassette
C03 VHS cassette tape conversion (SECAM format)
Hourly charge
C04 Video8 cassette tape conversion (PAL)
Hourly charge
C05Video8 cassette tape conversion (NTSC)
Hourly charge
C06Hi8 cassette tape conversion (PAL)
Hourly charge
C07 Hi8 cassette tape conversion (NTSC)
Hourly charge
C08 Digital8 cassette tape conversion (PAL)
Hourly charge
C09 Digital8 cassette tape conversion (NTSC)
Hourly charge
C10 Mini DV Cassette tape Conversion
Hourly charge
C11 Audio cassette tape conversion
charged per cassette

Cassette repair

R00 VHS Tape/Head Clean
R01 VHS Tape Splicing torn tape
R02 VHS Tape re connection to spindle
R03 VHS Tape Cleaning
The entire tape is cleaned with a professional tape cleaning machine and suitable liquid.
R04 VHS Tape outer shell replacement
R05 VHS Tape Shell + Inner Spindles Replacement
R06 VHS Tape Iron – crinkled tape
R07 VHS Cassette restoration (water issue)
R08 VHS Cassette Master Repair
Includes Tape splicing, tape re connection, full tape clean, spindle change, tape shell change
R09 VCR Repair

Additional Cassette Services

A01 Photos extraction from VHS video tapes
A02 Cassette output sample generation

Floppy drive data transfer

F01 Floppy drive data transfer
F02 Floppy drive data transfer to flashdrive

Photo Editing

E01 Photo Editing
E02 Photo Collage Generation
E03 Photo Video Collage Generation
E04 Photo Minor Editing
E05 Photo Background change and blurness and colour Correction
E06 Photo extensive restoration
E07 Black and white to color conversion
EX8 printing and lamination
EX9 Mug printing, t-shirt printing

Audio Editing

AU0 Audio editng
AU1 Auto tune Vocals
AU2 Audio clip mixing
AU3 Audio Cropping
AU4 Audio Mono to stereo conversion
AU5 Audio blank part removal
AU6 Audio Splitting
AU7 Audio Noise removal
AU8 Audio Joining

Video Editing

V00 Video Editing
V01 Video corrections brightness, contrast,saturation and sharpness correction
V02 Video stabilization
V03 Video mixing service
V04 Video photo extraction
V05 Video collage creation
V06 Video Aspect Ratio Adjustment
V07 Video time lapse
V08 Video Voice over
V09 Video compression

Computer troubleshooting

T01 Formatting Computer/ Laptop
T02 Desktop Repair
T03 Laptop Repair
T04 Hard disk Formatting and repartition
T05 Hard disk Health Report


DR1 Data recovery (non-invasive)
DR2 Damaged DVD Data Recovery

Data Reorganization

DR1 Music
MP3 Id3 tags update and reorgansing into folder sorting them
DR2 Photo
Tagging, date correction and folder grouping by months
DR3 Files
Folder Structure Generation, reorganizing files

Personal Cloud Backup solutions

CL1Photos Sort out and Back up
CL2 Music Library Cloud backup
CL3 Files Cloud Backup
CL4 Ebooks Cloud backup

Home Hardware setup and configuration

H01 Network Attached Storage Configuration
H02 Desktop Configuration
H03 Laptop Configuration
H04 CPU up-gradation analysis
H05 Network router configuration

Personal Security Consulting

PR0 Personal online privacy & security solutions (for individuals) Pack
PR1 Security Risk assessment
PR2 Personal Online Security Solution – Gmail, Facebook, Instagram
PR3 Online presence and traces check
PR4 Online presence trace clearing attempts

Small Business – Online presence creation

BB0 Complete business setup master pack

BBA0  Online Presence
BBA1 Google business listing & creation of business listing popular online services
BBA2 Social pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr)
BBA3 Website setup & regular maintenance(

BBB0 Customer Interaction
BBB1 Company email setup & regular maintenance (
BBB2 Feedback forms
BBB3 Contact forms
BBB4 Online orders

BCA0 Branding
BCB1 Logo design
BCC2 Brochures
BCC3 Visiting cards
BCC4 Company brand material design
BCC5 Basic textual and pictorial advertising
BCC6 Branding items pens, covers, DVD,ID tags, Calendars, posters, cell back covers, hand bags, clothing, hoodies, bags, mugs, water bottles, towels, cosmetics, bed sheets.

BD0 Sales
BD1 Online inventory
BD2 Amazon online store setup
BD3 Booking advertising online on Facebook, google.

Individual’s – Online presence creation

PB0 Personal branding – Online presence creation for individuals Pack
PB1 Creation of brand accounts in popular social media sites
PB2 Personal Website, Facebook Page, Instagram Account, Twitter
PB3 Uniform/ID Handles Search
We make sure your id/handle is uniform across all platforms
PB4 Hardware based security setup
PB5 Clearing unwanted online traces
PB6 Resume rage creation
PB7 A dedicated URL/web page for sharing your resume
PB8 Domain Name creation
PB9 Temporary single page Website creation for greeting cards to birthday invitation or Permanent Website creation + Hosting

Technical Support

TS0 Paid Technical Support
TS1 Home visit technical consultation
TS2 Telephonic technical consultation
TS3 Automation
TS4 Mobile phone automation setup
TS5Smart Home Automation Setup
TS6 Smart home devices configuration
TS7 Social media automation



Cassette Services

VHS Conversion Service
Cassette Conversion Service
Cassette Digitization Service
VCR Cassette Conversion Service