Letting us save your memories is as easy as saying 12345, you can count on us.

Step 1: Tell us 

You communicate with us by calling us at +91-8686927350 or booking your conversion order online here and we will provide a way to send all your memories stored on perishable medium (photos, audio cassettes, video cassettes )

You will receive an UPDATE: Your order is confirmed.

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Step 2: Send us

We receive all of your perishable storage media at our secure processing facility.
You will receive an UPDATE: We have received the following material into out lab.

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Step 3: You approve the sample output

We generate the sample outputs (video,audio,photos) and transmit them to you for your approval to proceed with the order.
You will receive an UPDATE: We will send you samples.

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Step 4: Your material will be processed

Our trained technician (dedicated to your order) processes your material and generates high quality digital versions of the materials provided by you.
You will receive an UPDATE: We will send you details of charges incurred and provide with various way through the digital  material can be sent to you.

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Step 5: Pay and get the digital copies

Details of charges will be sent to you, after payment is made, we will deliver the digital copies of your data along with original perishable storage media provided by you (Cassettes, photos)
You will receive an UPDATE: Your order is complete and we will request you for your valuable feedback through our feedback channel after submitting it, you will receive an offer, if you wish redeem it, keep a screen shot of the same (clearly showing the URL/Web-Address).


Step 6: Feel happy about saving your memories

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