Your cassettes are digitized adhering to our stringent safety and quality norms at various levels to provide high quality and highly secure and LOW COST digitization services.

    • Our digitization lab is under surveillance at all times.
    • Time:
      1. Our digitization has the fastest possible delivery times for every order including bulk orders.
    • Pricing:
      1. Our pricing is carefully set to be the lowest in the market rates to ensure fair deal to our customers.
      2. Our transportation charges just involve the tickets/charges and no further manpower charges will be collected.
      3. All our charges and estimated charges will be declared beforehand to the customers, to ensure fair and transparent deal.
    • Transport:
      We have stringent rules for transporting the cassette tapes
      1. Avoiding x-ray scanners(that could erase the video-sometimes),
      2. Sealing them in airtight plastic covers
      3. Protecting them from direct exposure to sunlight and harsh environments.
      4. Delivery executives have strict orders about not to travel on public transport while in possession of your cassette tapes.
      5. All your Cassettes will not be shipped elsewhere OR
      will not be transported elsewhere OR
      will not be outsourced BUT
      will be processed at our SECURE Lab at Hyderabad locally.
    • Storage:
      We also have specifically designed storage place for each of your tapes while in our possession.
    • Cleanliness:
      1. All our devices and equipment are protected from dust to maximum possible extent
      2. Food, beverages and consumable items are prohibited from entering the lab.
      3. Footwear is removed outside.
    • Processing:
      1. Only one of our technician will do your job so that your material will not get scattered.

      2. There is no internet connection to the computers processing your videos and data ports are locked and are under constant monitor by our server to prevent unauthorized USB plug-ins.
      3. There is no possibility of unauthorized entry into our digitization centers.
      4. Unauthorized extraneous storage devices are not allowed inside the digitizing lab.
    • Technicians:
      1. All our technicians are graduates.

      2. All our technicians are well trained.
      3. All our technicians are background checked and approved.
    • Quality:
      1. We have multiple digitizing devices out of which the best devices that suits your cassette tape will be selected for digitization.
      2. We use best quality hardware available in the market for digitization.
      3. We use the best software for processing your videos.
      4. Highest possible quality settings are applied to every video that was/is/will be digitized by us.
      5. We will not compromise with video output of the tape at any cost.
    • Delivery media:
      1. We deliver the digitized material in long lasting, high quality storage devices like DVDs, Pen Drives, External Hard Drives, NAS (Network Attached Storage) and secure cloud storage services that would last for a very long period of time.
      2. All your digitized material is erased (using shredder software) from our storage after one hour after delivery of the digitized material to ensure privacy.

All the above statements will be in accordance with our terms and conditions, Your usage of our digitization services implies your agreement to our Terms and Conditions.