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We convert Audio cassette tapes  into digital formats like mp3 files and mode of delivery would be as chosen by you.
Digital Data Delivery Options: DVD, Pen Drive, External/Internal Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, NAS , Cloud and direct download link sent on your email.

Full details of various professional services offered for audio cassettes
(We further offer audio editing services into addition to the below mentioned services)
(Some of the below mentioned services are included by default and some are provided on request)

    • Conversion: Full cassette conversion to mp3 format once on high quality imported audio tape head.
    • Transfer: We transfer the converted files to a high-quality Flash Drives (Pen drives) or External/Internal Hard Drives or Solid State Drives or Cloud (to any USB 3.0 device as per your choice).
    • Basic Clean: External solution and vacuum clean of the cassette tape before conversion to enhance the audio conversion quality.
    • High Quality Conversion: Audio output will be of High Quality. The audio will be a better version of the original audio in cassette tape and there will be no change in the content (no editing). You can view the sample outputs and exact technical details here.
    • Basic Corrections: We adjust bass, treble and balance audio.
    • Stereo Audio: Your final output will have high quality modern Stereo Audio instead of old mono audio.
    • Stereo Optimisation: After conversion is complete we further tune and optimise the sound to best possible level for best experience on the modern audio playback devices with a professional software.
    • Noise Filtering: We tune out the noise disturbances in the sound by  our dedicated sound engineers using special software.
    • Auto tuning: This is very advanced service that we offer where the voice in the audio clip can be digitally enhanced and commonly used in the film industry by singers.
    • Live Adjustment: Our technician will be listening to all of the audio and will constantly tune parameters to bring out the best possible sound clarity each and every second.
    • Removal of blank sections: We don’t just convert the audio into digital mp3 format but also remove the blank parts and keep the parts where audio data exists.
    • Audio splitting : A single mp3 file is generated for each side when an audio cassette tape is converted to mp3, if requested our technicians can split the single mp3 into different sections for different tracks or songs (only non-copyrighted, personal content that you own).
    • Live Updates: Regular status updates on bulk orders and early delivery.
    • Quality Check: Your order will be declared as completed after passing out stringent quality check on our media player device, home theatre system where your audio is verified thoroughly for any quality issues. You can read more on our safety and quality norms here.
    • Work Report: We will then send a soft copy of the detailed report on the work done.
    • Naming: Free naming of respective audio files corresponding to original tapes
    • Metadata: Free addition of metadata or ID3 Tags to the mp3 (if information is provided).
    • Personalised Catalogue: Free digital copy of catalogue for bulk order that shows the list of audio files converted linking to the original source tapes (for bulk).
    • Technical Support: Free technical support after delivery (till 2 days).
    • Professional Cassette Service & Repair: You can just give us a the tape reel, broken cassette, torn cassette, cassette without outer shell,  cassette in any condition and we will process it and make our best attempt to recover the data. More information on the Cassette tape repair service can be found here.

We do not convert certain kinds of cassette tapes like copyrighted or prohibited material for more information on that, please read our Terms and Conditions which are applicable all the time.