If the tape is full of spores,fungus or moist and not crinkled (folded) or damaged physically and shell is broken, we can try to recover the footage from it. Please note that the tape shell is replaced temporarily only for processing and recovering footage but however we can change the tape shell can be fitted with a new one completely if the price of the tape shell is borne by you.

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The following is included in the service

  1. External Tape shell cleaning: We will clean the tape with vacuum and solution externally.
  2. Internal Tape shell cleaning: We will extract the tape from the shell and clean the entire tape shell  initially with vacuum and later on with special solution.
  3. Full (500 meters) Tape Cleaning: The length of a VHS Tape is 500 metres (approximately) and we will clean each and every inch of the tape and make it free from all sorts of fungal deposits.
  4. Free Repair: We will resolve any minor mechanical issues in the tape (included in this service), for more information on the tape repair service click here.
  5. Reconnecting tapes to spindles
  6. Re-splicing the torn tape by professional.
  7. Spindle replacement: The tape is transferred temporarily (and permanently if new shell price is paid by the client) to new spindles (the rotating part of the cassette) for better conversion.
  8. Digital Conversion: We will finally convert your video cassette tape to digital format, for information on the tape digital conversion service click here.
  9. Video Correction and Editing: We will digitally correct the tape with professional video editing softwares. (Original audio video will be retained as in original)
  10. Delivery: We will give your the best possible recovered version of digital copy of the same tape content in HD 720p resolution with stereo audio, we will provide you
    a. Full Recovered Video(Original Version)
    b. Digitally Processed and restored Version (It can be cropped on request)
  11. New Tape Shell (if tape shell price is paid extra): We will deliver your tape in a completely new shell in perfect working condition if you bear the the additional cost of the tape shell.

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