Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before continuing to use our services:

  1. Being an India based service, we primarily obey and follow all the Laws of Republic of India and also International Laws as a global citizen.
  2. We digitize only home videos, personal tours, trips, marriage, receptions, childhood self-recorded videos as long as these are accepted to be digitized by Indian Laws and International Laws .
  3. We do not digitize copyrighted, commercial videos which include movies, music, TV shows, advertisements, commercial/ sponsored stage performances and anything that is not allowed to be processed by our digitization service by Indian and International Laws.
  4. During unfortunate or unforseen circumstances and in situations beyond our hands, any /all /some /few /one of the services mentioned in this site may change or be enhanced or be discontinued/ be suspended temporarily/ permanently without any prior notice and we will not be responsible for any loss incurred but we will return your original tapes back to you in the condition that were given to us without any exchange of money (you paying us or we paying you/anyone any compensation, simply you won’t pay, we won’t pay).
  5. Our pricing may change from time to time. You will always be informed about the exact cost before the digitization and we will proceed only if you agree with our price structure that was announced at the time of agreeing to provide our services and no bargaining will be entertained during the delivery of final outputs.
  6. We take your privacy seriously and we don’t keep or store any copies of your digitized material and they would be erased from our storage 1 hour after the delivery of  the digitized material.
  7. If the mode of delivery is chosen as to be delivered on our own cloud infrastructure/ online transfer, your digitized videos will be available 3-7 days from delivery date and hence you are requested to download/backup/save at at alternative online/cloud service/storage. This won’t be the case if we are delivering on your specified cloud storage service that you hold an account or access.
  8. We can refuse to provide any or some or all of the services mentioned in this site or associated blogs or Google listings or on any other listing online or offline or communicated in any manner/medium (due to unforeseen circumstances) and our decision will be final and we not be liable for anything (financially or any other aspect)
  9. This conversion service is only meant for personal use only and not for use in any official, documentation, business dealing and we may not be responsible for everything and anything bad, negative, loss, dispute that arises out of the usage of the digitized material.
  10. We send multiple samples of digitized data and proceed to digitize only after you have agreed with the quality and we maintain certain degree of quality standards and hence we will under no circumstance refund the money after delivering the content.
  11. We do not have credit facility.
  12. All shipping and courier costs should be borne by the customer.
  13. All the digitization costs mentioned during enquiry would always exclude transportation and delivery charges, we deliver only within 2 km radius at a prescribed nominal charge which is subject to change at any point of time.
  14. Collection and Delivery beyond 3 kilometers from our Digitization facility is not guaranteed and we may choose to serve you at our discretion based on the negotiations even if you are calling from a far off place.
  15. The figures, information, services are purely for informational purposes and any/some/few/all may be changed or be unavailable permanently/temporarily,  we do not hold any liability, but nonetheless they are facts about the quality and potential of our digitization services that we offer.
  16. We have a certain safety protocols, standards (you can read them here)that are meant to be strictly adhered by our personnel and stringent rules pertaining to the handling of the cassette tapes,  utmost care will be taken right from collection to handling them at the conversion center, careful processing, safe cleaning of the tapes, unequivocal attention will be devoted to your cassettes and their safety but in case of an unforseen and extreme condition/s that are beyond the scope of human control like earth quakes, famine, floods and other man made/god made (act of god) events and anything else beyond our control, we hold no liability and reserve the right to not compensate any amount and you may decide to avail our services and contact us at your own discretion agreeing to this condition. However such things are rare and we hope that they will never happen in our lifetime. We just wanted to let you know the “what ifs”.
  17. All the above terms and conditions are to understood and interpreted only in a manner that obeys the laws of The Republic of India and International Laws and in all the cases our management reserves the right to interpret all the terms and conditions that are mentioned in this page and our decision will be final (within the legal bounds following the laws of Republic of India and International Laws applicable).
  18. We are not responsible from any damage/ loss incurred by the use of information in this site or services provided by us directly or indirectly.
  19. All the above mentioned Terms and Conditions may change (add, delete, amend, modify) at any point of time without any notice and in any case our decision would be final.
  20. Proceeding to contact us for enquiry (online/offline)  or using any or all or some or one of our service offerings will imply your agreement to all of our Terms and Conditions.