Photo editing

  • We  improve, restore old photos containing personal non-copyrighted content.
  • Color Correction
  • Scratch Removal
  • Black and white to color conversion
  • Restoration, printing and lamination
  • We create video collages and photo collages for birthdays, marriage and for any other gifting purposes.
  • Mug printing, t-shirt printing (3rd party tie ups)

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Video editing

  • We  improvise existing video by making corrections in brightness, contrast,saturation and sharpness
  • We stabilize the video to perfectly non shaky video
  • We do video mixing services  add music, slides, edit for videos containing personal non-copyrighted content like marriage, functions, birthdays and other family events.
  • We extract perfectly clear photos from from any types of old and new videos
  • We make video collages
  • Aspect Ratio Adjustment: For videos that don’t go full screen on HD-TV (smart TV), we change aspect ratio from 4:9 to 16:9 to make the video play using the entire screen area of HD-TV(smart TV).
  • Creation of time lapse videos.
  • Voice over videos
  • Video compression

Audio editing services

  • Auto tune Vocals: We enhance your voice in your audio clips turn them into an awesome sounding voice only ( non-copyrighted content only)
  • Audio clip mixing: synchronized mixing of separate audio clip containing voice and music.
  • Cropping audio clips
  • Mono to stereo conversion
  • Removing blank parts that exist in between a single audio clip
  • Splitting a an audio clip.
  • Noise removal
  • Joining two audio clips

We do not convert/edit/process certain kinds of  Photo/audio/video footage like copyrighted or prohibited material for more information on that, please read our Terms and Conditions which are applicable all the time.

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