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We offer copying/ recovery of data trapped in old floppy disc into modern storage media.
Data Delivery Options: DVD, Pen Drive, External/Internal Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, NAS , Cloud and direct download link sent on your email.

Full details of service where a technician is dedicated full time to serve your order

      1. Cleaning:External solution and vacuum clean of the floppy.
      2. Transfer: Full floppy transfer to a high-quality Flash Drives or External/Internal Hard Drives or Solid State Drives or Cloud (to any USB 3.0 device as per your choice).
      3. Updates: Regular status updates on bulk orders and early delivery.
      4. Report: We will then send a soft copy of the detailed report on the work done.
      5. Naming: Free naming of respective files corresponding to original floppies.
      6. Catalogue: Free digital copy of catalogue for bulk order that shows the list of  files transferred linking to the original source (for bulk).
      7. Support: Free technical support after delivery (till 2 days).


We do not transfer certain kinds of data like copyrighted or prohibited material for more information on that, please read our Terms and Conditions which are applicable all the time.